Is it a bird? Is it a plane? ... No its Jesper!

Hello. I am Jesper.

I'm a PC Entusiast, Musician and a huge PC Game lover.

I was born Denmark back in November' 91. Being the youngest out of two siblings. My early years was basicly about school, hanging with friends and also spending alot of time on sports - football especially. Since I was quite young my dad, as well as my brother have been using consoles as well as some of the earlier computers. I remember using a 266 mhz Desktop PC - and also playing games on an Amiga, Sega etc.

Nearing my pre-teen years I started fumbling with HTML 4.0, PHP and other forms of coding (mySQL, Lua, C++, XML etc).

As I started nearing my twenties my wish to learn, and understand the basics of creating a webpage from scracth, became bigger - as I, for the first time I really found something I enjoyed.

Today, its all about getting experience and evolving my skills. I am the type of person that won't quit anything I've started - and I won't end before the customer, and myself would be satisfied.

I am very passionate about my work, and i enjoy bringing fantasies to life for my clients.
I am a perfectionist, and therefore, i expect nothing less than the best of myself, and my creations.

Contact Details

Jesper Lund
Lyngbovej 2, Vrøgum
6840 Oksbøl

(+45) 3144 3776


Business Academy South West

Current: Obtaining AD Degree in Multimediadesign • August 2015 - December 2018

Currently, I am a student at the Business Academy South West in Esbjerg, Denmark. The focus points on the education is design, interaction, communication & business. Basicly this education is the ground platform for my future. The school teaches us how to work with people and projects - and how to start with 'A' and end up with result 'B'. After hopefully being done taking my AD Degree exam in 2018 - I will there after pursuit a Professionbachelor in web-development. At least, that is my goal for now.

Rybners Business School

Detail, Business to Business, Office • August 2012 - June 2014

I graduated from Rybners Business School in Esbjerg, back in 2014. This two year long education, taught me on how to create companies, make sure the economy is stable, and how to make sure that the company is going the right way, in terms of evolving. It also gave alot of plusses in terms of on how to be creative in projects and making sure you have the right possible tools to make the best out of your self in the future. Taking these two years were mandatory in order to enter the next chapter of my dream-education as a Multimediadesigner at Business Academy South West.

Work Esbjerg

Auctioneer, Photographer, Customer Service 2014

After finishing my Business School education at Rybners, I applied for a job at the danish major auctioneer house, Lauritz are the leading online auction site in Scandinavia, and one of the bigger ones in Europe. Working at Lauritz gave me a good amount of 'worker to customer' exeperience - as I had to help value upcomming auctions as well helping the customers in our local warehouse, finding the item needed - or answering their questions, if needed.

Working at, means you have to take alot of pictures of upcomming lots. And taking the best possible picture was important, otherwise you simply wouldn't sell your lot. Lauritz gave me a good education, and details on how-to set up and use a camera properly.

InoPlay ApS

Webdesign, Graphics 2017

While being on my fourth semester in Multimediadesign, it was required of the students to have a internship in a real company. My internship was held at InoPlay - a Danish company that focuses on selling entertainment for Schools, Kindergardens etc. It could be everything from bigger Playgrounds to Lego, Footballs and other forms of toys.

During my period there, i freshed up their webpage with new looks, and created designs for them to use on paper, as well in PDF files for customers.

Your company?

Webdesign, Graphics or something else?

This spot on my website is currently blank, but could of course be filled with good and sweet information about your company, and the work I eventually would do there - if I was a co-worker of yours. I am always in search for a new job - or an opportunity to help out a company, if needed.


During my entire lifespan I have been using alot of different tools and programs, in order to do - what I had to do. Since I was a young child i've challenged and tried to evolve myself within the following subjects beneath. Also being a multimedia designer forces you into learning how-to use and evolve your skills in the programs needed, to do the work you are supposed to.

In my studio we are big fans of using Adobe programs, such as Ps, Ai, Id - in order to create the 'magical pictures' or paperwork needed. Together with the Adobe pack, coding programs are also mandatory to have - otherwise we won't be able to create anything on the internet.

Beneath you can check my experience in the programs needed to do my work - and I strive daily to become even better, than I already am.

  •  ExperiencedPhotoshop
  •  NoviceIllustrator
  •  Noviceindesign
  •  ExperiencedCSS
  •  ExperiencedHTML5
  •  NoviceJavascript

 • These values and skill is only a visual indication of my current experience and level •

  • This is a placeholder for future recommendations by the people that i've worked with or for. The thought behind this is to give you an idea of how satisfied my customers or co-workers would be, working with me.

    Jesper Lund
  • This is a placeholder for future recommendations by the people that i've worked with or for. The thought behind this is to give you an idea of how satisfied my customers or co-workers would be, working with me.

    Jesper Lund

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